Testing, one...Testing one, two

I’m stuck up here in the boondocks, without much of a signal.

Can anyone update me on how bad a butt kicking UT put on Miss St. today, in the esteemed SEC Tournament?

Must’a been brutal, I’m sure!!!

Yes, BRUTAL. 17 points is the answer. You can’t shoot 31% of the close shots and 24% of the 3-pointers when your opposition shoots 55% and 31% and expect to win.

The big men started the beat down with the opening tip and the first two points. Then 15-4 in the first 8 minutes. Every time TN surged, State pushed the scoring gap back open. Being doubled up opening after the half is a bad sign but being down by 23 with 10 minutes to go is worse.

What’s interesting is they accomplished this grand failure with 2 more days of rest while State had no rest.

Wonder how many tickets are up for sale (at a discount), hotel rooms canceled (with fees since many only sell them in a 2 or 3-night package) and calls being made to airlines to change departure days?

Not sure, my cable is out.

All I could get was Auburn stations on the radio

I gotta run for now, somethings burning, smells a lot like chicken

No, wasn’t chicken. Bunch of Yankees from Boston College skinning a big cat they gutted at the very start of last week’s big ACC tourney

It just smelled awful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: