That Time Again

My view for the next few days…

MUCH needed vacay for RnR and fishing at our annual getaways at a State Park. This year we are at Lake Greenwood. Yesterday was hot and beautiful. Today has been rain since before sunlight. We’ll fade the rain for the day and make up for it the next 2. Good to see a little life coming back to this place. Yall stay tuned for some updates

BigT, when you see this, know we miss you man and wish you could be here! Veggie packs pic coming soon too!


I haven’t heard any reports, yet, but it’s time for the night bite for Crappie to pick up, on Greenwood. You might try one of the trussels, one evening, while you’re there?
Flat Head bite might be cranking up, too? Try the ditch, where the Reedy River, and Rabon Creek come together. Just off of the tiny island, in 14’ of water, Live Bream, on the bottom.

Good Luck!

Go up I think it’s either two or three creeks from the campground. There’s a little waterfall back in there. It’s loaded down with bait

It’s going to be an actual waterfall with all this rain…brutal… at least it’s a calm rain and not blowy and all too. I will go find that place before I leave though. Might need further directions later too haha. Thanks!

awesome! you are like 2 spots over to the right from where we camped back in 2018. my boat was so red after kids getting in/out of water tubing everyday from all the clay in that lake. beautiful place though. We had a blast. you make me want to go back soon.

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This guy is pretty cool…

Said funk it and got fire started too…


That’s neat having that Tanager so tame and coming up to you. I thought they were mostly
kinda reclusive and stayed higher up in the canopy. Those pictures are a real treat.

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Great pics! Makes me feel like I’m there. That bird is really cool. Scarlet Tanager, I think?

Thanks for the shout out, brother! I’ll definitely be there next time and im there in spirit this time. Keep those pictures coming. We love it!

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Tournament day! Looks like you’re on some good fush! Y’all get 'em! Fish fry tonight!

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Came back for some breakfast


Tourney got pushed til tomorrow :unamused:…cool by me though, it just stopped raining an hour ago maybe

Painted bunting, very cool!

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Nice wildlife photos and videos!

Are you hearing any Chuck Wills Widows?

We have what sounds like 3 nearby

Rain, rain, go away! Go mess up someone elses day haha… we’re going anyway…


Summer Tanager. The female is kinda yellow greenish chartreuse? I sound like I might be kinda redundant!

Good picture. Hardly ever see any painted buntings anymore.

After sunset and before sunrise so sleep with windows closed!

Got some painted buntings at the free bird food feeder

Got 3 different kinds of hummingbirds at the homemade upside down wine bottle feeder


Oh yeah! That’s my boys!:grin:

I’ve had them for several years now. The female looks like how you described the female Tanager.

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