That Time Again

I figured it’d be you or Bobby. I was really pulling for my underdog, hoping he’d have beginner’s luck. :grin:

Y’all doing the veggie pack tonight?

Man I peeled out early to beat the rain and having hub issues on the side of the big road now, ugh… got a spare but its fighting me of course!! I do believe they are doing the pack tonight but now I got to deal with this amd figure this crap out, just ran back to tractor supply and got a different hub, maybe my spares are the wrong size but I could have swore they were 1750lb…

Great… it’s always something…

Oh no, you have my luck. Anything I can do to help?

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Oh man! My worst worry/nightmare. Good luck, I know you’re busy. Hope you get fixed and home soon.

On the road… just needed an attitude adjustment!


Seriously though, Glad you’re fixed. Safe trip home.

You ok brother?

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Good to go! Heard most everyone else split too… looks like heII in the morning

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that’s straight awesome man!

aw man that sucks dude to have to deal with that. hopefully you get what you need.

Pry cause I wasn’t there.:thinking::grin:

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First time I ever saw one, I thought someone’s parrot or other fancy bird got loose. I’ve had a few random show up at our feeders, but not often over the 28 years I’ve been at my place. Mom is only 1/2 mile through the woods and gets them yearly. But she puts out a lot more assortment of feed types and they feeders are always full. Y’all mention the cow birds… Mom has asked me to shoot every one I see. She hates them and that says a lot, cause she doesn’t hate much.

That’s cool as heck stump!!! the fishing too.

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