"The Life of a Guide"

“The Life of a Guide” Curtis Foster and I got to Edisto yesterday (three charters this weekend) and put in @ Edisto Marina early this AM. Ran a bunch of stuff, nada. Put the boat back on the trailer and went to the N Edisto. Finally figured out what is going on (I haven’t fished in two weeks, water temp is 53, and the fish are deep), find four schools of nice trout, but have to save them for the clients. I really wanted to sit there and whack 'em. . I guess this isn’t such a cross to bear, but I really would have enjoyed…! Had to beat the reds off in one spot to catch the trout Like 4 reds to catch one trout. All fish on Trout Tricks. Could not get them to hit a Fluke. That really surprised me. Also tried a dropshot and suspending Rogue. Bob

Bob Sanders
Edisto Inshore Charters

How deep were you finding them Bob?


I fished the stono river limehouse landing on Sunday for a couple of hours trying my normal tactics on a falling tide and had one bite and landed him a 15" trout and that was it,nada nothing else so I figured with the cold front that pushed through they have moved deep.

Good to know a pro like you couldn’t find them at first either, but persistence pays off. I never got a chance to try them deep.