the man in white and the man in blue

read the story submitted on 5/24/11, under Jellyfish II, dont be disturbed by the end on the video , we turn the boat and he swam off like his ass was on fire!

well you rookies just turned that one into a mud dart!Congrats

that is the worst display of releasing a billfish,my 5 year old daughter could do better than that.

at least you could have done is remove the f-cking hook.

Awful reviving job… common sense would tell you to get the boat going and revive the fish for a while.

Nice fish guys. I predict five pages.

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Give,Give… Never Take.”

hey jelly,right back at cha on the p.m.

that was even classier.

Can we talk about the Rascal Flatts playing in the background? WTF


Fish to live.

Jed Clampett moving to Hollywood = These guys going from Lake Moultrie to the Ocean.

“Hey how big does a White Marlin have to be before you can keep it”

This ones gonna get good
Not sure about my favorite line yet but I got it narrowed down to either
“How bigs a white marlin gotta be to keep?” Or
“Hold on let me get that lure back”

you people need to get a life,if this computer is all you have to feel powerful.

If you come on the interweb looking for kudos on your catch, you should be willing to accept the negatives also. I assume you are new to offshore fishing and were shorthanded crew wise, learn from it and move on, it can be very exciting catching a first billfish and it is easy to make mistakes.

I congratulate you on your catch, but the release not so much, learn and move on.


you obviously have no idea what you are doing. Thats fine, but (**() dont do that again. Revive him like a billfish not a bass.

If the comedy channel on your XM goes out switch your VHF to 68.

my stomach turned into knots watching the last 30 seconds

-Wishes Charlotte was 3 hours closer to the ocean…-

I am a rookie, I have caught alot of fish on lakes of santee, these were my first two billfish in my life, as I said, son was my only mate, and he has never been offshore before. We were fishing for dolphin, I know now what i should have done, I will never make this mistake again. My son and I were on top of the world for the last two day, but we both feel horrible about this mistake now. this web sight is too tough for us and you will never here from me again.Thanks for many lessons.

You need to put the boat in gear and drag the fish along side of the boat while it is in gear to let the water flow through the gills.

You would be better off staying on this site and off the water. Stick to the lakes. Its your kind of mentality that gets you the responses you received. You are the author of your own dilema.

Did you even think that what you did was wrong? I say yes because there was an Uh Oh when you saw the fish bellying up. You think it swam off “like its ass was on fire”, but when a 12 foot mako, tiger or hammer head sees it, it is dead if it wasn’t going to die from your large mouth bass style release.

Your son and you have zero common sense…Apple doesnt fall far from the tree…Stick to bass fishing please, and leave these amazing billfish to those that respect, and know how to handle and PROPERLY release these magnificent creature. Hope your boat sinks, jackass…

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Originally posted by jellyfishII

I have caught alot of fish on lakes of santee

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“this web sight is too tough for us”

“you will never here from me again”

If you people have so much respect for these “magnificent creatures”, and are so concerned for their well-being, maybe you shouldn’t be dragging lures around with hooks on them trying to snag one in the jaw. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the billfish that are released “properly” still die soon thereafter.

Hmm. Wow. Why does everyone have to be that way in response to a post like this? Hardly anyone has actually said what SHOULD have been done, except to humiliate this guy for what he has done. I’m sure there are plenty of folks new to offshore who may not know the proper way to release a billfish, but maybe they could have learned from the responses here. Guess not. Instead they learned not to ever make a report on this site. How many of you when you caught your first billfish knew what the hell you were doing? I’ll probably get flamed for this but I don’t care. Would just have liked to see SOMEONE take the high road.

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Shevlin told them how they should have done it,he deleted for some reason.