This week @ Edisto

Very Oct. for the last several years I have shrimp with a group of gentelman that grew up in Brunson, S.C. they petty much have adopted me into thier group. I’am 62 years old and the youngest of group by several years. i think I was adopted to mix bait and throw the net. We started on Fri. with a cooler, Saturday we cooler and they had to go to Brunson for a Funeral left me to package the cooler, coolered on Sunday and Monday,Tuesday but on Wed. we only did 1/2-3/4 cooler.
Fished today by myself kept 3 22" spottails one Flounder caught 1 15" Trout released and had two Trout to boat but they became unbutton, glad to see the trout have caught several this summer but no large numbers. Let’s see for shrimp fishmeal and clay 50,50. all fish caught on 3" peral white shrimp on 1/8 oz. jig around structure wind to high to work the flats.

Good job. Hope I can do that at 62.

If you ain’t hooked, you ain’t doing it right.
14’ Duracraft w/twin 25 Johnsons

where were the shrimp biting< what tides?

Shrimp were netted on the incoming 2-3 hours pass low set poles in 2’ of water shrimp ran when there was 4-5’ of tide on the poles. St. Helena sound. Really did well when the tide change was large and the water was muddy, Not so good when the water was clear. caught all shrimp in day.

scott butler

Thanks Scott, hope to get down later this week hpoe wind dies