Took the day off

Decided I didn’t want to work today so we came to Georgia yesterday. Did Easter egg hunt with the grandkids this morning at their school.
Then went to the range. I forgot my target stands so I was shooting debris at the back stop.
Mr Joe Cool tactical was at the range.
He informed me that if I ever need to use my weapon it would probably be at 5 to 10 yards. And I should be practicing my draw and reloads.
I pretty much ignored him until he decided he needed to come over and tell me how to properly hold my weapon. I take my index finger of my left hand and put it to the front of the trigger guard. Tried to tell me that was wrong.
Let’s put up multiple targets and see who can clear the board first. Put out 5 cans on each side. Send his ass home with his hat in his hand. Shot my 5 & 2 of his. Hahaha I love it.

I always love the “experts” you run into at the public ranges. Had one try to impart his wisdom one day last year. I said, “thanks, I’ve been a firearms instructor for over 30 years, I think I got it”.

Well crap !!!

Got a little time behind the trigger this morning.

Rifle range was a little crowded. Had pistol range all to myself

Picked up a new Ruger 22/45 Lite this week. Couldn’t wait to go to the range so I put my Oculus suppressor on it and popped of a couple in the back yard. Less noise than my pellet gun.

That’s a outstanding weapon. Last time I was at the Pickens DNR range. Fella was shooting quarter size groups at 25 yards. He let me shoot it.
My group were more like dollar bill size. Smith & Wesson’s Highlander don’t hold a candle to the Ruger.

I had accumulated a bunch of PSA gift cards and agonized about buying it, but it really is fun to shoot and the suppressor fits it like a glove.

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how does it cycle subsonics? can you use the open sights with your suppressor?

So far, no issues whatsoever. Shot sub-sonics at 970 fps and it cycled every round. The suppressor I have (Rugged Oculus) is the exact same dimension as the barrel, so it has no impact on the sights.

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That is sharp looking! I wish the mark III and IV came with the 15 round Mag like the I & II.

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Deal alert. Primary Arms 2.5 Prism Sight

If you have an astigmatism these prism sights work really well.

Regular Price $ 249.99, Sale Price $ 99.99

You better stock up while you can get them. It’s going to happen again.
PDA got 9 mm for $149 for 500.
30 cents a piece. Academy sports has got 223 for about ¢60. They got 40s for around ¢40 a piece.
I’m still reloading 9 mm around ¢14 but obviously when my stock runs out them days are over.>

Primers used to be about ¢2.7 a piece

Some good deals there. Never used any Primary Arms optics but I have heard good things. Big fan of Vortex stuff. Quality optics at decent prices and a killer lifetime warranty.

Sounds more like an inside job to me, rather than shoplifting?

(It is believed that a large portion of the stolen ammunition was sold to drug dealers and other criminals in Delaware and Pennsylvania.)

So they must be serial numbers on ammunition now??

I agree inside job…

I’ve been in 2 Cabela’s, Bristol, Tn and the 1 in your report, they both had the exit alarms if you were shoplifting. Something sounds like an inside job that’s a lot of ammo

Delaware of all places :thinking: