Tough day 4/25/18

Fished almost a full day, like 11 till later then now, posting while hoping for a last minute bite. Had a school of blacktips punsih me around 1. 2 bite offs about half way on my deep baits. Several non committal runs. 1 bite off was when i was hooked up. Went 0 for 6 on fish that pulled drag and had about a dozen short strikes. Lost a 5 to 6 ftr after about 4 jumps. Caught a small stingray, lost a decent fish on my bait rod and caught about 4 whiting 13 to 15 inches and one that was a 14.5 bit me on my thumb and drew blood. Got me right were the nail meets the skin, so it was a great spot to get bit. Lost my shades riding in a rogue 4ft plus wave on the yak. They were less than 15 bucks so not to bad, but they worked good and were less than 2 weeks old. I think kevin van dam brand but they were from walmart. Lost about 200yds in topshot and 2 rigs with 16oz sputniks. The current had my lines doing windsheild wipers with the tide. Left right left right. I had double and triple ups on runs but produced nothing but tangled lines and i could see them jump off my line twice during the chaos. It went calm, rough, calm,rough; no wind and blue bird to blowing close to 30 and looked like t storms. Shad, mullet, stingray and a secret bait were big baits and got hit on all, fished whiting for cut bait bait and caught a baby ray about 5 inches across. Ive notice there is a lot of tiny rays and jumbo whiting this year. I layed on the beach and remembered how much i love beach fishing. Lines in at 8ish 1 was emptu 1 still had bair. All in all a good day on the sand, but i may be cursed. Lol. Good luck and get out there.

Well the good thing is your getting the bad days out of the way for the year.

Good point Stevo:smiley: They will elude 40 but for so long. The thing about luck is it only lasts but for so long good or bad. 40 has the capability to put up more meat in one day than I do all year. Things will align for him soon enough and he will break those fish. Great report 40 and I for one look forward to seeing some spectacular catches. Y’all tear um up and have a great season.

Sounds like fishing to me !
My dad used to say"fisherman’s luck is a wet butt and a hungry gut."
Even though you didn’t land any big ones, you had a whole day to fish with plenty of excitement!
Catch 'em up !

Jack Taylor