Tow Boat or Sea Tow or Someone Else?

Who offers the best service in the Beaufort area. This would be mostly inshore.

I would go with Sea Tow myself, they are always around close.

Capt. Larry Teuton
Swamp Worshiper

Tow Boat/US has been very responsive for us ~ Broad River area.

William B. Scheider

TowBoatUS of course.

Capt. Tim Deckard

Daily Charters ->

Thank God (with a capital G) I never had to use my Sea Tow but appreciate their automated radio check from Hilton Head. My membership help pays for that.
btw…Kudos to Fripp Island Rescue when it did hit the fan.

They take donations.

Key West 1720 90 4 srtk Yamaha

Not necessarily relevant, but I saw this roll through the facebook feed and though it was pretty cool.


“If you had to tell someone how good you are, then you probably aren’t that good”

02 Carolina Skiff 175 RG Honda 90 -

That’s not supposed to happen.

How many engines would a craft that size have?
Redundant electrical?
How many fuel tanks?
How many spare parts?
I would also think a full time technician, mini machine shop (at least a Dremel and a bench grinder) with the MacGyver bonafides to get you back to port.

Fire his butt and hire somebody that votes republican.

That’s not supposed to happen.

Key West 1720 90 4 srtk Yamaha

No little towboat would ever be pulling a ship that size, that close to his stern. If he stops, the ship will run right over him [:0]:face_with_head_bandage: Assuming he could pull it at all, which I seriously doubt. You can also see prop wash behind the ship.

Capt. Larry Teuton
Swamp Worshiper

probably lost the bow thruster and couldn’t steer without it LOL

This may need to move to the political forum.

Reminds me too much how the middle class tax payer is expected to pull the rest of this country in tow.

just sayin

Key West 1720 90 4 srtk Yamaha