Well, just hope this is a worthy Mushroom post

My son text a YouTube vid of a guy growing mushrooms on logs, and was like, Dad, let’s try this.

Had no idea about this kind of stuff, but was excited. I love mushrooms.

So, ordered some plugs for shiitake, blue oyster and lions mane from north spore.
Goona cut some oak trees to make this happen. Or try at least…

Gonna look for some poplar, as I have read they are a softer hardwood for the oyster mushrooms…

Got a bunch of pallets to sit these logs on near creek bottom under some holly trees to help keep the sun off during summer as they keep their leaves.

Also, gonna try a couple totems.

Anyway, advice is always more than welcome.


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Thanks for the reply. Please just turn in the keys…

You do know stuff, and were better for it.

No offense intended. I hope I didn’t trigger a sideways reply…

Thanks and hope Bwang and others chime in…


Read your PM’s and take them to heart NN.

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I think what needs to be taken to heart are all the delicious Mushrooms to come!!! I’ve been seeing a good few clusters of “chicken of the woods” in some oaks around James Island. Just too much traffic and no area to pull over and get em. Haven’t seen them this year like last year, but still got a good amount of time for fall mushrooms.

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Keep us posted. I love mushrooms and this is something I may want to try. Especially if the dang deer won’t eat them before I can.

I’ve got my eye on some oak stumps too, one I just created a few weeks back but the tree was already dead. Hopefully it will produce some as well.

Been looking up and seeing nothing yet

Maybe looking down will help

L = keep
R = give away

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BW, I guess those are Chantelle??

I saw some in the woods I thought were. But, after some web searches, they were not.

Other day I found a bunch of what I thought was turkey tail. Nope, false. My web search regarding real turkey tails was not that good, and used more for tea…

Thanks, and I understand I should wait for leaves to drop before cutting logs from live trees, then wait at least 2 weeks till I do the plugs and wax…suppose to kill the anti fungal protection in the log…

Will see

Doug, I’ve read the deer will eat them, but that’s the web. I will cover these with something.

From mesh netting, to perhaps chicken wire or something. Gonna take awhile before I have to worry about that part.

Hey Stump, my 3 week mushroom 101 YouTube course mentioned in one class that an already dead Stump, lol, has some fungal activity already in it that will compete with anything you add.

I defer to BW.


You can do those oysters mushrooms in straw bags really easy.

Oak is good enough for the shitakes, but in my experience ld go with maple if it were me. They will flush faster and more often, on the other end the maple wont last as long.

Best guess 1st flush with maple 1 year, maybe a little longer depending on log, depth of hole, bees wax, spores etc…

Best guess on the oak 1st flush is over two years, plus they wont fruit as often as apple or maple.

Thats just my experience, and my mushrooms are the snowcap shitake variety so yours may vary

ive had the stuff to inoculate for several months, just too lazy/busy to go cut some wood.

Its a great long term low physical output way to eat the best of the best.

And it keeps giving for a decade

Good stuff

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So it appears you have done this. Using plugs???

Don’t have any maples around here. So many opinions on this. I’m gonna have these close to creek where it stays cooler and have an open top 55 gallon drum if needing to soak…

Appreciate all info.


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Perhaps I missed it, but are you using plugs??


Yes, many times.

Just dont make the logs so big, use a kids plastic swimming pool to soak them in. Bigger isnt better, just takes longer for the wood to break down and start producing. Anything larger than you can easily lift is too big on my opinion

And yes, drill holes, innoculate, pour wax in holes, wait

A watched log never flushes, lol

Yes, plugs or spores, either is fine.

The plugs are the easiest to find and work with

This is what cf.com is all about!

Let’s keep it up folks!!

Oh yes, kiddie pool. Perfect.

Easier to lift, I would think…


I sure wish I could ID trees better. Pretty good at oaks and hickory…have so many types.


Yes sir… except for the deleted posts of recent. but please carry on, unbiased as if nothing happened.

DoubleN thanks a million for posting this mushroom stuff. Love it!!! I believe I’ve got a couple of maple logs left… Like Ef said they don’t last long. They rot quick in the weather.


That’s all ya got?

Make it about you Fred!