What I Just Ate

Feel free to join in

Looks like a pretty good breakfast EF.

went last night to an indoor racing track in Bluffton. K1 speed. They are electric cars but pretty fast, best lap time was 28.23, missed out on a $100 bet that i beat the young man that went with us. But to keep it on an eating theme, we stopped by The Pearl Kitchen and Bar. Probably the best grouper I’ve ever eaten and the Pistachio encrusted AHI tuna was fantastic. If you are ever down that way you need to take your Little lady by and for dessert get a Chocolate Martini.

Yikes, that looks good

I wonder when EF is going to have us over for dinner…

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Hurry, the sausage is thawing now

Bananas, strawberries and what else? I had coffee, avocado toast and a banana.

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Rasin Brand and walnuts


Well it’s like this, we got invited with a caveat, which was I had to bring him a date, which wouldn’t normally be a problem for me, so I got him to send me a picture of himself, since we ain’t officially met, and to put it to you kindly, I’m having trouble finding a lady that requires the steering of a seeing eye dog. :joy::joy::joy:

Yeehaw!!! :cowboy_hat_face:

Man can not live on bread alone…

Dang I didn’t know you were running a side business.

I think we need to go to sman’s for dinner. Them Steak look pretty good

Y’all are doing good, just had leftover pot roast for lunch and I had to go get me a handful of these after I saw the updated pix

Benton’s peanuts at Snyders now has Fresh White peanuts. A peck of boiled cost me $30 Did not price green peanuts.

me likey
Oh I love Cajun style boiled peanuts.
I can eat until I turn green…

How do you only eat a handful; that’s the question.

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Come on EF, you never have more bread than burger. Sheesh I like your style on mayonnaise usage. Duke’s, Miracle whip, or Hellman’s. I been around some heated discussion of that.

How dare you? Everyone knows there’s Dukes, and then there’s everything else.

wife made me a pie sunday, she hates mayo. Duke’s all the way like the man said. the yellow maters are an heirloom called “pineapple” and they look like a grateful dead dancin’ bear shirt when they’re ripe.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: BLT made with a cornmeal breaded and fried pickled green tomato, bun slathered in pimiento/palmetto cheese. eat it when you’re nowhere near your mama, or somebody’s getting slapped.

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