What I Just Ate

Fred, the last few summers i’ve been splitting bushel bags of whites from a produce wholesaler with friends. I think it was $65 last year, and i’m about ready to do a big pot now that it’s good and hot!

hear anything about valencias this side of new mexico? i wish they’d come back… i read that a few folks grew them last year and they got snapped up fast.

Yo barbawang

Are you dong the refrigerator kind or the 15 minute water bath kind?

fridge type, I wish I produced enough garden stuff to need it shelf-stable. y’all getting any rain up there? been a dry couple months except for some quick storms late last week.

I would love to get into canning stuff now that my own father calls me old. maybe a little needlepoint and then start making my own aromatic sachets as Christmas presents… and it’ll be time to sell the fishing tackle.

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we got half an inch last night and a little over an inch last week. It’s been dry, we sure needed it.

I don’t even have flowers on my tomatoes yet, they are only 10-12 inches tall. Potatoes got blooms this weekend. Zukes and crookneck vines are starting to jump, no fruit yet.

Planted late corn Saturday along with another 150 feet of pole beans. I usually try and can enough beans every other year to do me for two.

got a peck of peaches from georgia lately, probably gonna make some into ice cream and most into jam.

that pie sure looks good. I can’t wait for my heirloom tomato pie, one of my all time favorites.

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The Dukes is the real deal. Still made in SC

Went and seen the grandkids in Georgia this weekend.

The ice cream ball kept them busy for hours . It’s the smaller one it only makes a quarter at a time. But if you got grandkids or kids those things the ticket.
We picked up a half a pack of peaches Sunday. Think this year is going to be a real good year for peaches they very good.

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We might hafta get one of those for the summer!

Wings… and bun bun!



I haven’t had a good fresh boiled Valencia in awhile. Drought took it’s toll. Dad and I tried to grow them but they don’t do good in S.C. Benton’s usually starts of with the Spanish reds and then switches to the whites out of Florida and later season local whites. They have had a hard time getting peanuts this year with no Spanish to start out on. I did find some Heirloom Jumbo peanut seed out of Virgina that I ordered and recently planted where my potatoes were. We’ll see. I used to blanch them and freeze, now I boil completely and freeze just like that. Just grab a bag and let em thaw out on the boat seat.

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Don’t forget the land plaster.

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No sir, I won’t forget! :grinning: Not my first rodeo with peanuts!! I’ve still got about 30# over at mom and dad’s.

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This is specifically for EF, because I know how much he loves when you let your vegitables grow large. Zukinni boats, pretty good stuff.

My wifes girls getting their snake too…

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You crush up oyster shells for them R I reds?

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Haha, only problem is your wife already has dibs on them… Something about not being pleased with the small one at home…

No, I cheat and buy them already crushed. They are ISA sex links. Some of the better layers you can get imo, very Non aggressive. My wife will not let a roster near them, says she want Pure Eggs. LOL.


Looking good EF, Now I know about were you live I can see why your garden is behind some of ours. You were still having frost when we were starting to sweat.

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Zucchini boat / stuffed zucchini.
Man that looks delicious. I sent that picture to the wife…
I’m sure she will get the hint…
We used to have rhubarb and asparagus come up at the end of The garden by itself every year.
I personally don’t care much for either one.

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Rhubarb and asparagus, once established, will last decades.

I eat the asparagus like its my job, but gift almost all the rhubarb