What I Just Ate

This is a local well known secret. Don’t go telling everyone! Cool little place, you can’t go wrong. All the burgers are named after cars. Call first; the open/close times vary.

Warning, it will make you want to do this.

Yeah we been wanting to try it thanks for the reminder. Couple weeks ago we celebrated Whooping Island Sam’s birthday here

It weren’t bad have you tried it?

We also ate at that Antique Shop on 17 in ravenel and it was good

Haven’t tried it but i know right about where that is. Katie loves Italian, so well check it out soon.

Howuch do you spend on thermacell stuff a year?

It’s the old Firehouse they tell me it was a restaurant there before this one called the firehouse restaurant

Firehouse was really good. I think it closed five years ago or so.

At the house? Zero. We have citronella plants on the dock that do the trick. At the hunting place, the thermacell goes with me on every hunt. I use it about half the time I guess.

Poke bowl looks kickass

Buddy trolled the harbor with his dad this week and they did well on the Spanish

I am the “smoke it and give most of it back” guy, more fish dip soon here


I subscribe to the what I just smoked channel.Hope you had a good pellicle.My mouth is watering!

x2 on Fillin’ Station!

Sman, yessir. Brined 4hrs at 1C:1gal, dried on racks till they got a good pellicle, then smoked on oak cuz it’s what I got. oily fish don’t care, it all turns out good

Love the “what I just smoked” thread idea, I’ll start that up on the next cook

sman’s first post on the “what I just smoked” thread…

Cheech And Chong Up In Smoke High GIF - Cheech And Chong Up In Smoke High Smoking GIFs

They had the best whole fried flounder I ever had.

Bwang, I have a small apple tree that has died and is basically a dried stick still standing upright. Do you use apple wood for smoking? It’s an Anna apple if that helps.

EF, where’d you go for that meal?

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That seems like a long brine time. Is there like a formula per pound? Are you doing a cool smoke or hot smoke method? I know that king Mack have mercury if they are huge but I love smoked kings. Never tried smoked Spanish because they cook up mild if broiled or fried. I appreciate your help

Love fresh grilled or fried Spanish but my wife’s absolute favorite is the smoked dip.

If fillets are skin on at least 1/2-3/4” thick, I do 3-4hrs. I want them salty because in the dip it all goes back into the cream cheese.

This round was a wide range of fillet thicknesses, so I did my brine time a little short of the thickest pieces knowing it would all even out in the mix

Regular 225-250 with a water pan underneath is what I usually do. Sometimes I let the pan go dry and turn em to jerky for boat snacks… no wrong way!

The salt holds the smoke flavor. The last I did I try to stay around 140 to 170 The cooler temp keeps the fish moist. But your correct. Nothing is right or wrong. It’s all a matter of taste