What I Just Ate

You’re absolutely right, gents- my mistake

I’ll blame the gamecocks/vols game for totally throwing me off

The stars have aligned…


C’mon man! How about pork chops?

Makes you wonder who’s behind some of the health risk scares. My Doc recently told me to enjoy eggs which were previously taken from me do to being full of cholestoral and unhealthy. Remember Coffee… He told me a couple cups a day is good for me. Like evrything else, what do you believe. My Grandma used to fry bread in bacon grease and put it in most everything. She lived to a ripe old age. I worry about the statins and long term brain harm. The brain actually requires Cholesterol as an energy source.

Sounds like the creation of the Frankenstein monster… Fauci told us that he represent science. And Robbie told us that he trusts the science

Back in the day the doctor told my dad not to eat eggs. To use an egg substitute egg beaters I think it’s what they called it. Wasn’t happy but abided by the what the doctor told him.
If I remember right my dad passed at 66.

I had a neighbor she was 80 years old.
She come home one afternoon mad as a hornet.
She was raising hell telling me. You know what that ■■■■ doctor told me?
If I don’t quit smoking and drinking I’m going to die.
Then she said you know what I told that blankety blank blank blank doctor.
she cussed like a sailor.
Oh yeah she was. She was a nurse on a Navy hospital ship during world war II.
I told him to stick it up his @$$.
She threw out all of her medicine and never went back to the doctor again.
She lived to be 95 years old.
Her routine she would leave the house about 11:00. Go to Lynn’s bar till around 2:00. Come home and sit on the porch till about 8:00 and smoke and drink. No matter how hot or cold.

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If I make it to 80 and still able to get around on my own, I’ll be happy!!! I remember some such thing in my youth about being promised 70 years and 80 if we are strong. The one thing I don’t want is to be bed ridden in my old age. I want to be in good shape and just wake up dead, leaving no debt and financial independence for My wife if I out live her.

“I ate the squirrel’s liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti”

Dressing on the way…

This will be “Red Neck” pulled pork tomorrow.


Granddaughters cooking supper.
12 ,&13 you’re old




Almost forgot…:+1:

HT you guys

That AIr fryer thing sure has become a hit!!

To Pay Homage to EF’s What I just ate thread, here is today’s Thanksgiving meal on the Wife’s side of the family.


This is how you cook grilled cheese sandwiches when you have 7 children.