What I Just Ate

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Both my boys went off to college and came back pretty good cooks. Our youngest made this last night. Kufta (lamb meatballs) with turmeric rice, cucumbers, tomatoes and naan bread. It was delicious.

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Now I wanna pickle some eggs

and I wanna soft shell sammie, lol

Is that your bacon?

Yessir, our BLT is homemade bacon and fried pickled green tomato with pimiento cheese. Divine.

Saw peeler pots two weeks ago, early as I can ever remember

I don’t have a shedding operation, but I got some other tricks up my sleeve

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I see it’s a blt now,

I’ve been getting pics lately of the softshells so I just decided bacon needed to be on my next sammie.

Those stone claws look amazing


My version of an Eater Ham, once again.

Shank ham, orange, apple, onion.

Boiled for around four hours. Then picking is easy. You get a hint of all of the flavors of the fruits, and onions.

Try it sometime.

A $7.00 ham, on special…

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Better late than never…

Some low country visitors showed up with goodies from your neck of the woods. Jesus knows I love me some south cackalackie

And just so you know, the homemade bacon and fried softie biscuit was a little slice of heaven with my coffee this morning…

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First class all the way, well done sir

Julie truly drooled at the spread