What the heII

So now posts have to be “approved” before they are accepted?

What kind of shlt show are we dealing with here people…

whomp whomp…

Obviously less and less appealing… the adimn should send STB some thank yous in some form…


Yep, they should pay for STBK’s college as she’s about the only one making it a “fishing” site…

Well this may be the nail in the coffin for me Stump. I put out a new topic in Off topic over the closing of WestRock. That was an hour ago. Nothing. Admin probably has RBF and Bob moderating things. It’s been a good run with a lot of chop towards the end.


Thats awesome and terrible at the same time. Thats literally what I posted as well.

This place is just not as good as it once was and will likely never be. Plain and simple.


Never mind off topic guess I’ll try it too

Where’d y’all try to post it?

Yelp!!! Censorship is alive :pensive::frowning::disappointed::confused::slightly_frowning_face:

Tied to the whipping post

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WestRock expanded heavily in Florence, SC… Reality is there much more “feedstock” in the Florence area as it isn’t as developed…

‘Project Presto’ revealed as $470 million WestRock upgrade in Florence County (fcedp.com)

ALL this because admin refuses to remove a troll. It really is a shame this place has taken such a dive.

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From what I can tell this must just be for Off topic?? I’ve got two now pending. I posted one in freshwater and no problem.

This thing with Westrock is going to hurt a lot of locals. We take a lot of Pulp to Savannah, but worried now because many of the other mills (i.e. Dempsey and Cullum) will need an outlet for all they took to Charleston. hoping our “connection’s” are strong. I’ve heard Holly Hill taking in as much as a 40% reduction and routing that to Florence, but I don’t see it unless Florence drops many of it’s local loggers. Also heard Holly Hill will shut down? Time will tell. We’ve got a mill in FairFax that should have opened a year ago, but still no accurate word.

One thing for sure, the rumor mill has been working overtime today!!! I’ve probably had 15 people call me and ask what I think or tell me what they think. Only thing for sure… If you have any pulp wood you want to sell, I’d do it before the middle of July. On the bright side, no lack of Jobs if a Man or Woman is willing to work right now.

So, what did he say?

Looks like you two have lost the TL-3 status, you both used, to further piss on the site?

Yesterday I tried to post new topic asking for a weed ID? Got that BS message needed a mod to approve.

Really??? Still waiting…@snickers


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@snickers??? come on man, what the heck? This is total b.s. and pushing more of your oldest members away. I’m sure that makes RBF smile like chicken scratching in hog scat. @snickers you notice yet that you are losing most all the older members? All b.s. aside, you can thank yourself for pandering to trolls on CFC.

Just tell us you don’t give a ■■■■. Be honest. I’ll tell you honest, I’ll miss this place. That is a sincere statement. In the history of CFC, i’m now on several hours on posting a topic waiting on “approval”. Wtf! I’m trying bro.

So now CF is censoring content until THEY decide it is okay? I understand insulting/threatening language but, now any post must be “approved”? It may be time to say GOODBYE. Let this site die, it is merely a shell of what it used to be anyway because of a few turds.

This site has become an absolute cluster f’k!

I’m with y’all on wondering WTH?

Three folk’s buy this and spend the money to improve then trash???

Does not pass the smell test for me.

Either they have plenty of money to piss away, or someone is funding it from somewhere else to keep this afloat long enough to squash Conservative thoughts and values…@snickers

@snickers. can you explain this, or perhaps you have in the past and I missed it???


It was requiring moderator approval, but It’s back to normal for now. And yes we are censoring political posts outside of the politics section.

Sorry I didn’t think people would care that much about the off topic category requiring moderator approval for new topics!

You guessed wrong. Come on dude even you should see off topic has always been a major part of cfc. Politics was up there, but just a side line to vent stuff… Until the snowflakes and Trolls got upset when truth was spoken. Twist it this way or that way… Censorship of conservative ideologies is the focus.

And you as well my Friend!!!

Not sure why you’re so upset by the fact that you have to put topics into the right place on the site… Even here you are trying to bring politics into the discussion… just stop!

I don’t believe any of us have a problem with placement of threads. You also have to realize that some topics do take a turn and become political. As do many in real face to face conversations. It’s a fact of life. What is the “upset” point is that Politics are censored and that the one that openly stated his purpose on this sight was to kick the ant nest was allowed for so long to thrive and Troll you sight openly. If on any thread meme’s, conversation, links etc become too offensive, just do like Andy and poof the thread don’t just hide it in a place few can go to.