What's your favorite species to fish for?

I was watching the TV show Addictive Fishing yesterday and the host, capt. Blair Wiggins, said that seatrout are the most sought after saltwater species. Is this true?

Well this got me thinking about my favorite species. Personally, redfish are definitely my favorite. There’s nothing like watching a 30" fish lung out of in 12" of water to grab your bait, or watching a tail waving to you on a grass flat. There are a multitude of ways to fish for them and they exhibit very interesting and diverse behavior. Additionally, they fight like a freight train and aren’t afraid to get in some tight areas which brings me to another aspect of the redfish; they will make you explore and find areas you weren’t thought were fishable. Each trip i learn something new and i have accumulated a lot of repsect for the redfish. Overall, they are just a badass fish!! :sunglasses:

What are your guys’ favorite species to fish for and why :smiley: ?

Connor Malark

But those trout are so (**() tasty.

Striper, Black Drum and going to the upstate to catch brook, rainbow, and brown trout. The Chattooga river is amazing in the upstate.

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Flounder, then redfish, then trout, then whiting, then black drum…

B-liners. I think they’re a hoot to catch and very good eats.

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Trout. I just wish we had bigguns like in Florida, etc.

For eating, flounder then trout. For catching, reds. Any flounder I catch are purely by accident by my wife loves them.

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For me, it’s trout caught on artificial lure. They require skill to locate and finesse into a bite. I’m not referring to the little ones that are too eager to bite, but rather the big female gators. They are solitary and they don’t follow a very predictable pattern. They are very affected by slight changes in pressure. They hide in the bright daylight, and they are wary. The bigger they get, the softer they bite. The big ones bite is often an almost imperceptible tic and sometimes just a resistance. You need the best equipment and to develop a feel. Even when you get a bite and feel it, there is a timing element to getting a hook set. You can be too soon, or too late. Even when hooked you may lose it due to their soft mouth. For these reason’s and more, landing a true gator on artificial is the pinnacle for me. Its as good as it gets. When I catch one, I release it. The pursuit of gator trout will keep me interested my whole life.

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for eats: sheep, flounder, whiting, red/black/other, trout

for fight: sheep, red/bonnet, trout

for difficulty: sheep, flounder, trout. reds and bonnets are just incidental/opportunistic

Regardless of my favorite fish, my favorite method is using artificials. Taking something that’s not real and natural and tricking a predator into thinking it is…can’t beat it.

Back on topic, I know it’s not a saltwater fish but smallmouth bass are my absolute favorite fish in the world to catch. Their aggressive nature, the strength, their willingness and propencity to get airborne…that makes one exciting package of a fish and one I love to target. For saltwater, I echo all of what Optiker said about gator trout (only I don’t share the same success as he does). Trout share second place with reds. As far as the reds, their sheer brute strength and the bend they put on a rod is addicitve and keeps me coming back.

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on the fly

Yes to the smallmouth.

I have to admit but natural bait under a rattle cork for reds works for me. I agree with everything regarding plastics/arts and use them of course.

Working a bank at low light with fingers mullies…hard to beat.

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on the fly

Heck yeah :sunglasses:

Connor Malark



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For me, I feel the most accomplishment when I specifically target flounder and catch them, especially on artificials. Tailing reds on the fly are a close second. Optikers got a point though; the guys that can consistently catch big trout on artificials are really good at their craft.

I like fishing for whatever wants to bite my line. I can have fun catching 50 dogfish in a day.

I mostly target reds and more recently larger sharks but will gladly take a trout, flounder, or the occasional 6’ megaray.

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For eating: Blackfish, Flounder, Sheephead.
For catching: Sheephead, Redfish, Flounder.


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My favorite fish to fish for is sharks, bull reds, and whiting although I never caught a big shark or bull red.

Jalen Abraham

Call me crazy, but a nice slot size black drum get me excited. Other than a nice flounder it is only fish that 100% goes into the cooler.

Iain Pelto
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My favorite species is whatever is biting and is tasty.