When to hang up boating to fish

Yeah thats right…I said it…I will be 55 this November. Putting the the boat in at the ramp is getting harder to do the older I get. On this last trip I had someone with me to help but I am getting to a point that I dont feel stable in a boat. When I am looking down and the boat shifts or some jackass comes by plowing water I getting dizzy and must quickly look up to get my balance. And I ALWAYS wear my life jacket now…My question to the forum is what experiences have you had that caused you to stop boating or am I alone on this? Just looking for some advice from those who have been before me. I love to fish but I love life with my family more. Thanks in advance guys!


You just need a bigger boat

I got ya beat by about 8 months. I seldom have anyone with me to help launch my boat. Can not even talk the wife into pulling out the truck after it is unloaded. Bow is a little high for my short legs, but I’m still managing ok. I just try to pick times and landings that are not crowded so I don’t slow others down. Do you think you are getting a little bit of motion sickness? Maybe try a little over the counter Dramamine?

I’m not at the point to stop boating, but it doesn’t bother me to not go like it used to.

I bring a coffee can to pee in after almost falling off the bow one day.haha You better go to sick bay and get that dizziness checked out.I’d start looking for some fishing pardners if you’re worried about it.When your number comes up ,that’s it.


How often are you splashing the boat? When I turned 64, the kids were gone, the wife did not want to go as much, and I got so tired of the boat traffic in salt that I was shifting to primarily fresh. The last couple of years of boat ownership, I was only using the boat once or twice a year at home and the trailering to the keys once a year. I’m kinda anal., so maintenance was costing me about a grand a year with general maintenance and electronic updates. Sold the boat for more than I paid for it and have used a guide twice since. No complaints. I do miss the simpler days when I would splash a skiff and play for a couple of hours, but not so much with the bigger boat.

I take a 3 foot piece of 2inch pvc and stick one end over the gunnel and the business end of ol’ rusty in the other and havent almost fallen out of the boat in years

knock on wood

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Good idea EF, I’m looking for a hacksaw right now.

I haven’t taken my boat out in a while but, that’s only because I haven’t made the time to do so. The boys are out of the house for the most part so it’s just me and the Capt… She can (doesn’t like it) pull the truck/trailer straight up the ramp but at 4’10", she can’t see real well over the hood so turning/parking has to be done by me. I’m older than you and am in no way ready to hang up boating. I’d get that dizziness thing looked into and hopefully that is an easy fix. Could it be vertigo? There are fixes for that.

Thanks guys! It’s not vertigo. I’ve had that before. This started when I had to wear glasses and has gotten worse. The other problem is weak knees. Climbing up and stepping down from the front deck. And climbing into/out of the boat. You guys that can still do it are lucky.

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I cut top off of a Gatorade bottle as pee jug.
I added a diy step to my trailer to help me get on the bow easier.
Just keep working on things to make it easier & safer.

When you finally give up your boat, let me know. If you can make it over my way, you’re welcome to come with me anytime. I’m not the world’s greatest fisherman, but I’ll die trying to be. My boat stays wet more than dry. I’m on the water easily 100 days a year.

And my main goal when in the boat isn’t catching fish, its figuring out how to catch fish faaaarrr away from any people.

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Brother the glasses might be the wrong ones. Maybe to strong.
The weak knees are not fun.I have busted my butt,head,looked like I was in a fight just from my left knee giving out.
In my opinion, you’ll know in your heart when its time to give up the boat.
It gets to the point where it’s more of a chore,and then you look at it and say, nah not today.
You could always fish with someone on their boat and pitch in on the expenses.

I’ll be 60 April. Just woke up one day and realized my a$$ is old. Fortunately I still get around fairly well.
If you’re getting dizzy / out of focus when you look down I would go see a neurologist. Nothing to fool with maybe early warning signs of something serious.
I have had a couple traumatic head injuries I get out of focus occasionally. I have a EEG and an MRI every year.

Thanks @Offthechain! I only get dizzy when the boat starts rocking AND I’m looking down. Any other time I am fine looking down.

You are not that old. See your dr and ask about seeing a neurologist as previous stated.

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Sure does feel like it!!

I’m 55, on my second back surgery. I work on boat professionally and self employed. I launch a boat, whether its mine or a customers at least once a week. I launch, run, work on, and load on the trailer by myself unless its over 20 feet(bayboats up to 24) when I get a friend to help me at the ramp. Its not easy, but its how I make my living, and have been for teh past 35 years. For recreational purposes, I have a 17 Sea Hunt that I can handle with no issues, but the bigger thing is, I don’t care to go fishing by myself. I just don’t have the patience or desire to go out by myself. I always have a much more relaxing, enjoyable time if someone goes along with me. Never mind the safety aspect. When I was younger, I used to love to take a boat out by myself, whether it was for fishing, or running hard(used to work on a lot of performance boats). I just really don’t have the desire to take one out by myself.

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make sure you cut the pipe prior to peeing :slight_smile:

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Thanks @23sailfish ! Some how I missed your reply…this will probably be my last Fall run in the SeaArk.