where to buy trout tricks

anywhere in bluffton beaufort hh area to get them? Anybody using them with success or any other sugestions on a good jig,thanks for the help.

Beaufort Boat & Dock has them…or did have them. Use in clear water…good luck.

3" white gulp shrimp are hard to beat in my opinion…

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how do you rig the gulp shrimp we always use live shrimp under cork not to educated on the jig just like to try somthing diffrent.

I buy plain Jane round 1/4 oz lead gamakatsu jig heads… Thread the shrimp on and fish it like you would for bass. Twitch twitch sink to bottom reel a little and repeat…

2007 Scout 221 150 Yamaha 4 stroke

Also this time of year I like to tie a piece of 20# fluorocarbon to the end of my braid. Water has been clearing up quite a bit. You can also put the gulp shrimp on the hook under a cork just like you do a live one. Good luck gonna be tough fishing with the big tides this weekend!

2007 Scout 221 150 Yamaha 4 stroke

Try the Gulp! shrimp under a Cajun cork just like live shrimp or mud minnows. Hook the Gulp! shrimp thru the head with your regular hook and let it dangle. Don’t thread it on the hook under the cork…they don’t like it that way. The white and molting Gulp!s are killer. Also try the DOA shrimp under the Cajun cork…gold & silver glitter will produce.

man u guy are awsome i will try these tecneques, coming down mon threw thurs will let u know how we do thanks

Funny you should ask about trout tricks. Yesterday we were fishing the HIGH water. NOTHING was working, the only thing we didn’t use was live shrimp. I threw on a TT w/ a 3/8oz jig head (i only use 3/8) w/ no luck. I then rigged up the trout trick up wacky style, (i was desperate) got a few laughs from the guys on the dock, I caught two trout on 3 casts and missed one fish. Then slack tide hit and the bite stopped. The first one was right at the 14" i assume, i released him. The one in the pic was just under 16" released as well. I tell you though, i have NEVER had a trout hit anything as hard and agressive as these two did. I picked them up from BB&D

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sounds good looks like u got the tt hooked weedless trrew the middle.

I buy them from Bob Sanders thru his trout trick website http://www.trouttrick.bigcartel.com. BTW, I have caught a lot of reds and flounder as well as the less desirable lizard fish on this lure. It is my go to artificial, it out fishes any thing I have in my tackle box.


the TT work great, jve caught spottail and flounder on them as well. I am in beaufort for thanksgiving( go to school in charleston) and will be fishing the coosaw today, and defiantly will be throwing some TT

They work well on flounder :slight_smile:

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Good on you guys with the Trout Tricks. I have fished them twice with an 1/8 ounce jig head in an area where we were catching Trout with Mud minnows and Gulp Shrimp under a cork with no success. What is the secret to making them work?


There’s no secret. It’s just a matter of keeping it in your rotation of artificial baits thrown. In the last 2 weeks, it seems like DOAs and Gulp! shrimp on jigheads have held their attention better than any other arties (for me anyway on most days). Anytime I catch a trout, I immediately throw a different lure back to the same place and repeat the process with 4-6 other lures. When you do this, it literally only takes a few minutes to figure out what they are reacting to best. There have been several days this Fall where the TT was hands down the best plastic I had in my box, but I haven’t figured out exactly why. I still have no idea what they think it is, but definitely, the clearer the water, the better, and when they are on it, strikes are immediate when you know you are around fish as they usually get it on the first drop.

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Good on you guys with the Trout Tricks. I have fished them twice with an 1/8 ounce jig head in an area where we were catching Trout with Mud minnows and Gulp Shrimp under a cork with no success. What is the secret to making them work?


Thanks for the trout clinic RADDADDY. I just spent 2 days on the water casting to spots where I’ve previously caught trout. Nothing. I’m gonna have to increase my arsenal of artificials. The deadstick tip is also good. I’m new to this area and this forum has really helped. Thanks guys!

dont know if this is normal but we were down bout 3 weeks ago and the trout bite was great rite near the grass on bout anything. we came down thanksgiving week and tried evrything from paddltails, curlytails,doas,and live shrimp near the grass and under docks with no luck.never got to purchase any tt, so We decided to pull out to the middle of the creek in 20 ft water, and try for at least some whiting put shrimp and fish bite on and bam it was one trout rite after another, but none were keepers,also tried bumping a berrys spoon off the bottom and they loved it as well,just wondern if this is normal?