Whiting in Surf?

Anyone catching whiting in the surf or inlets?


I don’t think they will be back until around end of march or first week or 2 of april. That’s based on last years experience though.

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i havent been out yet, but you can probably catch some rays and spiny dogfish to reel something in if you really wanted to.

What al8995 said. Catch one or two here and there in the winter but you have to wait until the water warms up around April or so to catch them in large numbers.

Caught fish 1st week of April cut shrimp.all the fish you want at Folly Pier.Good luck

Last 5-6 trips for me have been very,very slow. Not even the normal “Ray Bonanza”. I’m thinking maybe the water temp dropped too quick. Last 2 trips, not one hit. Fished last Sun. 6-1\2 hours…ZIP! (shrimp or mullet) Last fish I landed was on 1/17, one 10"-11" Black Drum.

edit: no Whiting since maybe early Dec.

What time of year do yall think is the best time for whiting in the surf. I usually catch them in the summer june through august but is there a better time to be there?


I just moved here last February, but I fished from mid March all the way through November and I caught them from Late April all the way until Thanksgiving. Although I think the peak(for me at least) was late August through early October. I was catching 25-30 almost every trip. Can’t wait until the water warms up a bit!

For “consistant” numbers of fish, April-September. For size, late March-April/ September-November. The bigger spawners usually don’t stay in the surf through the summer.

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Im just here to tell you the fresh whiting to me is some of the best fish there is to eat. Thats my main objective when im at the beach to fill as many quart bags with fillets that I can. Call me a boo or whatever but that’s my target species right there.


I second TheSkipper

Yeah I would say whiting is one of the best eating and easiest to clean. Sadly the whiting fishing is not what it used to be 15+ years ago, but I guess that could be said about a lot of species.

Originally posted by fishboy

Sadly the whiting fishing is not what it used to be 15+ years ago,

I will agree, numbers maybe. Evident by the new 50 aggregate limit. But I still see the bigger spawners are still BIG, and plentiful.