WTB Crab Pots

I’ve been told that the Ace hardware on edisto sells crab pots. I would like to pick up a couple more. Are there any locals that make / sell them near edisto?

The best deal I have found is the hardware store in Hollywood! That was a few years back. Tried making some my self but my cost was close to the bought ones. Be careful where you place them, thy tend to grow legs and walk off! Not saying there are any theifs around!

I go one from that store in Hollywood a few years ago. They had a bunch and at a good reasonable price

J Ford

I bought one a few years ago from ace hardware. I used it every time I’ve been back, will use it again in a few weeks. Works well and have no complaints.

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Ace has them, both the single and double. Havent looked at them closely but make sure there is enough rebar so it doesn’t drift. I got some good ones at that feed store on 17, just before Bees Ferry heading toward West Ashley.