2022 gardens

some ornamentals for the fall.

Here are prices for peanuts at Beantons if anyone is interested they are located at Synders Crossroad. Hwy 21 & 63

Figsare popping


Fred, is it important to let the vines brown out on hard squash before cutting them? Wondering how to make sure they store best, getting too hot for my little experiment.

You don’t always have to let the vine brown. Looking at your pic with the vine dying out, I’d pick that one. The wife does a weak Clorox mixture and wipes them down and I put them in the out door refrigerator. Most will keep a bit. I’ve tried to plant them so they will be ready to pick for the fall, but our Summer heat is brutal on them and also so many more bugs to contend with. I’d imagine EF with his cooler climate could do well with them. There are some really cool ones out there, Google ornamental gourds. the Gremlin, Aladin, and Daisey Gourds are cool… What I’ve found in the mixed variety packs you don’t get a lot of the pretty gourds and more of the plain varieties. I like to by specific varieties and some select variety packs with limited types in the mix


Cherokee purple, pineapple, and some kind that those stink bug looking things like to poke 1,000 holes in. Time for another pie

Very nice looking Garden, you’re going to have enough potatoes to feed an army! I see a couple of your onions flowering, might as well pull them. I mowed and tilled in everything and replanted some peanuts.

Im pulliing and eating them as fast as i can.

Theres 100’s of em, ms fisher loves a red onion.

Those are 75 foot rows of kennebec taters, so theres roughly 100 yards of spuds in that pic.

I give away most of my stuff

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Other than large vegetables and harvesting organs from convicted killers on death row, I think we have a lot in common. I too give most of my garden produce away. Wife and I did scale way down this year. Wife picked up our deli fried chicken and headed to Greys Hill. Enjoy the weekend!

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I went big this year, probably wont do a garden next summer as we are planning on a long RV trip.

Stocking up now…

All these new posts deserve the horns of approval

My garden. Jajaja

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I love the green along with the root fried/sauteed in butter.

I can’t compete with EF, but i did make Katie a raised flower bed this weekend. Soon to be full of color for sure.

30x4, 4 yards of compost/top soil mix.

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Nice ricky, watch out for fiddler crabs, I know the ones a couple of creeks past you will eat okra.

I have to pull them off the lemon tree every once in a while. Weird, never thought they would like plants like that. Remi takes care of the ones that make it to the garage.

No veggies allowed in the flower garden!