3D Printing?

Wasn’t there someone here on CF that does 3D printing? I have some caps that go on the rails on our pool that through 15 years of outdoor exposure are in bad shape. I have been unable to find replacements so I wondered if they could be 3D printed or would it be cost prohibitive?


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This might be a potential solution…

Molding Plastic Parts at Home – How to Mold Plastic Parts at Home - Bright Hub Engineering

Learn Resin Casting Techniques: Duplicating Plastic Parts | Hackaday

Could perhaps use this as a cheap molding material…

Amazon.com: PerfectCast Casting Material : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Castin Craft Mold Builder Liquid Rubber 16 Oz - Office Depot

Then, sand and trim a little to size…

DFreedom, I remember a member posting up some pics about 3D stuff. That’s some neat technology.

Just playing around with the search function. It works!! and quick.

I can 3d print if you need something out of plastic. If you need something 3d printed out of metal (or plastic) you can always use Shape Ways as well.

Do you have the old caps you can measure @DFreedom ?

@snickers, you don’t happen to know of a good camera flashlight app that you’d recommend do you?

Asking for a friend

Snickers. I have the original caps, they are just getting old and a couple have cracked so I thought I’d look into replacement before it became a problem. They are some type of plastic, not metal.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being internet stalked?? :rofl:

My brother @flowerbits and I own a small software company. We also make a tides app that you might like:



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Take the caps off and get some measurements in mm and I can throw a 3d model your way… Or maybe 3d print a couple nylon ones depending how large they are.

guilty as charged.

inquirring minds, blind squirrles, nuts, and such…

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I’ll take a picture and do corresponding measurements and see if that gives you accurate enough info to print one out. I’ll try to get it to you in the next day or so but am going out of town for work tomorrow through the weekend.

Thanks for the offer, I’ll be in touch.

That’s you guys?! Pretty cool. I’ve been using that app for years now. Best part is how it tries to use the closest location to give you the tide info. Well done :muscle:

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Great app @snickers !!! I use it more than Navonics for tide info…I do have one suggestion. This isnt a complaint since all apps have the same problem. Its more of a feature request that should be simple in Xcode. Would it be possible to allow changing the text and background colors to a default theme? Its very hard to see the info in the bright sun in a boat without a t-top. A default theme that works really well is a sharp green with a black background. I developed a culling app for a customer last year and discovered a green/black theme is significantly more visible in the bright sun…its not pretty but definitely functional. Hope this makes sense!

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Still on my “to do” list…along with the other 800 things.

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The way the app is written, it would be difficult for me to theme it. We are planning on an overhaul to the app so we can add iPad support. I really like this idea and will definitely consider it when we do the overhaul!


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