Blacktips... Blacktips... and more Blacktips.

Havent posted in a while figured i would give yall an update. We have been SUPER busy latly. On the beach at least 3 times a week fishing with DNR for the Blacktip Shark Research Project. Having a great time talking sharks with some awesome biologists. Here are a few pics. Gotta get 40 tagged and released before the Summers over. We are on the way!

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That’s awesome!

What’s bait of choice?

Any size to any of them?

Wadmalaw native
16’ Bentz-Craft Flats Boat

Those are right up there with sharpnose and blue fish for being a pia while trying to catch a big shark. It seems they are here in numbers this year.

Huh? Blacktips are an amazing shark! They fight hard and jump and spin. Awesome fish! Maybe a pain in the ass when your using all 50 and 80 wides just wenching fish in. With the drag pressure and line capacity on spinning reels these days you don’t need anything bigger. We have caught big lemons, tigers, and sandbars on Spinning Gear. When the Department of Natural Resources aproaches us and asks for us to help them with a research project, Im not gonna complain. I’ve been Shark Fishing Charleston for a long time now and Blacktips are by far one of my favorite sharks. I love Sharks im not into it for the size… catching big sharks is cool but Im into it for the science and less for the catching a “BIG” lemon in a fighting belt and taking a shark selfie with no shirt on. Sorry… Yall can have that. We arnt in South Florida, you dont need to yak a bait out 400 yards on a 80w. Sorry.

I’m killing the next black tip I catch in your honor for science. Pic coming soon. Thanks for motivation.

Now that’s just a sophomoric thing to say, much less do.

Wadmalaw native
16’ Bentz-Craft Flats Boat

Ok? And thats going to do what? Your legally allowed to keep blacktips. More power to ya.

Ease up, 40.

FollyFisher, what size spinning reels are you using? 6000? 8000? 10000? I’m going to get a larger reel, but don’t want to overdo it. I’m not sure yet what size I should go with. I’d like to set up for some larger sharks here and there.

Looks like someone’s jackass mug couldn’t hold anymore and spilled all over this thread.

No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how far you fall…you are never out of the fight.

This year im using Daiwa BG 8000’s the new model. Holds almost 600 Yards of 65 lb Briad and has 33 lbs of drag. Im going to be getting the new Penn Slammer here soon. Its got over 60lbs of drag. the Penn Slammer 10,500 is a solid choice if your fishing on a budget. Lots of line and drag. There are other options of course but those reels are over $500. Its all about how your play the fish. We fish heavy drag so my reels take a beating but they get the job done. We have landed plenty of Lemons over 7 feet and of course the tiger which wa 8ft. Unless your chasing a 14 ft Hammer you dont need anything crazy. I know a guy down in HHI who just landed a 9ft tiger on a Daiwa Saltiga 8000. In under 30 mins too. The things they are doing with Spinning gear now adays is crazy.

I must be doing something wrong or I’m just fishing in the wrong place or something else. What kind of bait do you use and how far out do you drop it or cast it? I normally go 300yds out off of Sullivan’s on station 30 right in between the sandbars that are right there. I might just need to try a different bait, I just dont know where to get stingrays at.

I rarely if ever bring a kayak with me. As you guess by my name I really only fish Folly Beach. When going for Blacktip Sharks I go front beach and just cast right in the breakers. As for bigger Sharks I fish deep inlets, The Folly Beach inlets drop pretty quickly off the beach. So i good hard cast gets your bait into really deep water. For bait i use whatever i can get my hands on. Ive got some buddies who go offshore pretty regularly so they keep any Bonita they catch… which is probably my favorite bait for sharks.

Hey Folly, look on Amazon for that 10500, I added it to my cart 3 days ago just waiting to have the $$$.I think it was listed at $249, I thought it was a typo.
Also, last year I caught my 5 ft blacktip on a Conflict 8000 with 50lb braid and a finger mullet for bait. So I kinda agree with what your saying as far as gear. I just got 2 new rods, 12’ Prevail and a 12’ Battalion and they cast awsome. If you ever tag a female with a scar line around her head at the rear most gill slit and damage to that slit she was the one I released. The damage to the gill slit and scarring was from some mono that was stuck on her and cutting into the last gill. Of course I cut it off before letting her go.

Hell yeah. Thanks for the tip! Ill check it out. And if i catch that same blacktip i will for sure let you know! The study is to determine the survival rate of blacktips after being caught. So ill let the guys know that you caught one with mono hanging off it and damage. That just proves how hardy they are. She survived all that and being caught by you. Awesome.

Should be pretty easy to identify her based on the notches on her dorsal fin and the scarring on her head or just aft of her head. There is more of a line on her right side. I thought the mono might have been from a rig but I think it may have been a net. I really hope she survived, the hook never set. Just the point in her upper jaw bone, I’m actually surprised it didn’t come free. When I released her she started to turn belly up in a foot and a half of water so I had to walk her out waist deep and walked her about 30 yds in the water, moved to her tail with a loose grip then she flicked her tail and was off.
Last year I fished the same spots with the same bait and only caught on red, in April, then the majority of my trips were sharks 40 inches and smaller even a hammerhead pup. 5 different species in all. Beautiful animals and very misunderstood.

Oh my Mrs. was on the ball that day handing me the tools and she took all the pics as soon as I had her on the sand bar.

I reeled in a dead black tip that had a tag in it. My line was out less then 45 minutes and I pulled it in to check bait and it was stiff as a board. The tag looked fresh like last few months.

You called in the information on the tag right?

Thats what happens when you use 50 and 80 wides. Too much line out too much pressure, ive seen lots of sharks under 6ft dead on big boy reels. Its unfortunate.

Daniel if your looking at heavy duty spinners the Quantum Cabo 120 is a beast as well and deserves a look. Read Allen Hawks review on them. They have the drag, capacity and the internals are built to handle the drag. Allot of the spinners now have heavy duty drags but the insides can’t handle the drags. With the pressure your putting on those spinners consistently with those sharks you need a super spinner otherwise they will be shot in no time. I think the new slammers sound hefty too but I have never used one so can’t speak on them.

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I’m killing the next black tip I catch in your honor for science. Pic coming soon. Thanks for motivation.

Right on 40. Me too.