Haven't the foggiest..

You nailed it Sman!

Any clues on this one?

I have no idea.

Kool’s Dad kept it around.

Valve lapping tool, from an antler?

On second look, I’ll take back the antler part, and say a ,hand ,valve lapping tool?

There is a part missing, the missing part resembles a rip fence on a skill saw and goes into that rectangle hole.

Its a pistol grip handle used to cut patterns out of tanned leather hides.

If you are a real jerk and hate someone, a bottle of valve lapping compound in an engine does devastating damage. Gotta put enough in it to clog the filter and make it go into bypass.

Sman / mixed, can you use one of those things? My oldest brother can… or could.

Heres one you havent seen in decades

Brass nucks


Thats a remmington on a winchester frame

or as Elmer Fudd would say “ it’s a wemington “

Show us something for a reference to the size of your item?

Hahaha I will let that one alone

I have no idea what that wooden thing is, my guess is something to do with a loom? Maybe something in the weave?

Had a nice set of brass knuckles. Dad saw them, grounded me for a month, and Never knew what happened to them from there.

Discipline. That’s what’s lacking with kids today.

I would have got grounded and probably would have a sore a$$.

Young Beagles bring back so many memories, especially rabbit hunting.