It's Football Time In South Carolina

Panthers & Cocks at 1830

Whos in?

Central time…

I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Rattler is the real deal.

We need some special teams work.

I really thought the O line would be better. Thank goodness Rattler is mobile. Offense is going to have to step it up a bit if we expect to compete against SEC foes. Awesome special teams play. AND, we have a FG kicker…though I hope we don’t need him too much.

Good game, I was a little concerned befort the half

What happened 10 years ago when Jawja rolled into town just northeast of Cayce?

It was epic

sort of

Just hoping we can cover the spread.

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My cable is out,what happened.

How many did Rattler hang on 'em?

Did they cover?

Cables out, somebody fill me in with all the details.

Well, that dream died suddenly and violently. Jeez

They will pound everybody this year i think.

Its not gonna be pretry in the east

I didn’t even watch it. I ran the tractor instead. Much better use of my time today.

Wish I had a tractor, I would have driven it instead of watching that debacle.


Arent you a season ticket holder?

I never imagined you as a couch coot.

Our friend with the killer locks was there early

Goldielocks never misses a party.

I have tickets at the ready whenever I wanna go. I stopped going to UGA and Clemson games years ago. The worst fans in college football.

You’ve never been to baton rouge for a game, huh?

Most rabid fanbase Ive ever seen

You going to the UT game in late November?

I got a pair of cosco tickets with free parking and food.

Come have a chilli dog on me. Ill be in the breezy seats