It's Football Time In South Carolina

I might have to make that happen.

Looks like the “home field advantage” never kicked in?

Last time I saw Goldielocks, at IOP Marina, he looked more like Greydie locks? LOL!

Time and tide… …

I’ll take gray over none anytime.

I see EF’s dog’s career getting ready to expand

just don’t know which jersey it’ll be filmed in

Looks like Gameday is headed to your fine state this weekend.

Thats quite an accomplishment

Go Cocks?

This didn’t age well… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, I think Kentucky is like 4 or 5 in a row against the Cocks as of this year.

Coming off that bitter loss to ole miss last week and getting the kiffen stiffen I’d wager the boys in blue still think they have a path to the SEC East if they curbstomp the coots.

Should be fun to watch.

I still like Doty over the orang’ish Okie, for real

gonna be a great weekemd for football

It will be!

Anybody think the coots can beat a wildcat?

Can? Yes, if they can ever learn to play a complete game. UK without Levis increases their chances. The question is, can they take advantage? As a long-suffering Gamecock, I am cautiously optimistic but…

Ill be pulling for the coots, but i see KY hanging 40 on em

We’ll see

Beamer Ball

Ugly as heck but I’ll take it.

Hey, looks likes College Gameday is in Columbia next week after your big upset win yesterday.

When Gameday shows up, well thats quite an accomplishment

Well Done Coots

I hope they don’t come next week, they have a bye. That would be embarassing.

EF you like?