Here’s your Hog…


Jajaja… you got to have boobies or ride like this…

She’s ready to crank. I had no exhaust gaskets. dammmn

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Well got the electrcial rough-in done, whew! Wish I would have taken a before pic of the old sub panel while it was installed. Oh well, you get the picture.
From this

To this

Start plumbing rough-in Sat. So depending on how much I can get done will determine if I go fishing or not Sunday… fingers crossed!

Should see them tomorrow, sent you a can of powder to play with … I don’t reload and quit with my homemade cannon. I threw in a tube of Ultra Copper RTV, it will take the place of an exhaust gasket. I quit using header gaskets and this is what I use with rarely an issue. It’s a little more messy to clean up. Give it a try.

Your back to back pic on the bike made me laugh. That’s how my son and I would ride to the staging lane.

Fred… many thanks!!!
Harley-Davidson has always had issues with exhaust leaks. Don’t know what they were thinking just using 1 stud.
Definitely will try the rvt. Again thank you very much…

You best get with it…Going to be pretty this weekend…

Plumbing rough-in 95% done, still have to recess my shower valves and outlets but all water and drainage are plumbed.

Also got 4 new windows installed as well. Need to add some more nail gaurds then batten down the subfloor and sheetrock next.

Sheetrock ready for pickup today. Will probably take a couple of days off to chill out a bit but likely starting rock this week.

Ran out and left myself this shot, which pocket would you shoot it in?

Good looking pool room!

9 ball. A buck on the 5 and $2 on the 9.

Left corner pocket. Lots of top left english.

Shoot just hard enough to leave the cue in the center of the table after its 2 short-rail run.

If it were for big money i’d shoot the bank and play the leave

Either left or right corner pocket back from where the picture was taken.

And I would put a little bottom right or left depending on what pocket I picked

Advice from the current reigning 2 ball pocket pool champion…

I chopped it in the right corner with center ball. Still lost to the Ghost 7-5. I’ll beat him eventually though.

I’d have bounced it through the window! A little bottom and left corner pocket. Haven’t played in years but when I left N.D. I was pretty good from not having anything else to do while snowed in. I think in the last year I my have won back all I lost in the first 4.

Project looking good!!!

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That’s pretty good cutting in the corner without scratching.

Maybe you get that gost to help you out with the bathroom and you can go fishing…

Stopped by motorcycle cop . 56 and a 40.

My license , cwp and registration ready when he got to me. Was in the truck.
He come to the window and said I guess you know I stopped you.
(Backstory… bike week stopped and got gas . There was a couple officers at the pumps. I asked them if either one of them wanted to run for pinks. The one officer come over said man I would feel guilty taking your bike. We stood there and bs for a few minutes till the bike at the red light lit it up and hauled ass. He said I got to go to work.)

So my answer was, yes sir I figured you want to take me up on running for pinks. And wanted me to go back and get my bike. He chuckled and smiled real big and just shook his head. Didn’t say a word reached over pulled my license out of my hand still shaking his head and walked back to his bike…
He come back handed me my license and told me to slow it down . He hung out and bs for a few minutes about cycles. Before he left he said I’ve used my 1 get out of jail free card.
Yes sir I understand and I appreciate it very much.

I can’t thank you enough.
Let me know &we will go get lunch one day. And maybe we can talk bay into coming…

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Fred is a good citizen of the CF community, everyone says so.


RBF is also a good community citizen, , ,said no one ever

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Well, I did gift a Vietnam Vet CFC member a wooden Nutcracker figure that I bought here for $50 from another member that listed it to help his elderly neighbor that needed the cash… Even paid the shipping to get it to him… I can prove it if you want…

Sounds good, I’d still like to try out Cod fathers… One day. I’m not very picky about food. I’d still like to meet Bay. Even EF, so I can convince him I’m not crazy as a scat house loon. A long time ago many from this sight would meat up and Bessingers for lunch, I made it once. But that place is not the same anymore. imo or I hit it at a bad time recently.

I figured you could use that powder more than me.

I buy that rtv by the case. My brother in law turned me on to it. Never uses a header gasket on any race engine, just this, it will handle the heat.

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Good stuff with Fred sending that stuff to OTC.

Good folks sending stuff to fellow members.

Kudo’s Sir.

Have to edit to say this.

Fred offered, then followed up, not bragging about it on CF.

OTC just thanked him in a respectful manner.

Good stuff


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I’m in wherever y’all choose and I hope EF could join or any others on here that want to. I’m going to wear my America First onesie so folks can join us without asking the hostess where’s the great Americans table. :+1::joy:YEEHAW!!!