Laborers making 17 bucks an hour.

That’s 24,000 worth of ¾ BC plywood. unbelievable.

Yikes. Thats disheartening

This is how I’m spending my Saturday unflubbing my son-in-law’s attempt at sheetrock.
Dammbit I will be fishing next weekend.
I guess my lens on my phone is covered with sheetrock dust.

You’re a good fil , I had to show mine how to do stuff. My old lady didn’t mind if I was out late fishing with her pap.haha He was one crazy sob ,dead before he turned 60,good times back then.Crickets and cane poles ,then stop by some pool hall beer joint on the way home.

$2,000 rim. Only a couple months old.

They’re going to make it right but still. Dammmn.

Still looking for that needle in the haystack.

What is it? Scuffs or corrosion? Can’t quite tell

The Chrome appears to be blistering.

Another 1000 squares shingles being delivered today.

1 of our delivery drivers follow Marine, biker and proud daddy. His son enlisted in Marine corps yesterday. Parris Island bound the day after he graduates…

852 squares of shingles…

852 x 3 is

wait a second…carry the 1, 3 8’s is 24 plus the 1…

Thats 2556 bundles

You need a big arse hay elevator and do that one armed bandito right.

I was thinking if you got him a hook for that arm he’d be an A#1 clean up man too

I kid I kid. but i did giggle a little

Is that there some of that newfangled math they’re teaching in school??

So let’s c there’s 30 shingles to a bundle six nails to a shingle.jaja

Unbelievable!!! Make a couple phone calls in the morning. See if I can find some American made nails. And send these back. I can give up to about 25% more and still be in budget…

Oh boy raps his sleeve around the handle and puts the his knob under it to hold it in place and off he goes. Talk to him today found out his daddy worked for me. When we were up in Seneca. His daddy was 65 when I worked with us. Around 40 man crew and there wasn’t anyone on that crew that could come close to our working him. And he’s definitely got his daddy’s work ethic.

Teamwork. Never missed and didn’t scuff my side.

Took the dink made nails back.
2 pallets of American made roofing nails only $300 difference.
They’ll be delivered to our job 07 Monday.

Spring time!

Only got wetass a little… getting that splined piece out was as fun as it looks. Drilled out, heated and beated!

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That’s a pain in the rear, but you’ll be thankful you did it… until you have to do it again in five years

Looks like you are about ready for the guys trip to Sachahatchie (sp?)

Next time I’ll replace the hangers as well! :+1:

Fun way to spend the afternoon…

5 years seems to be about right, even with washing after each use. I’ve got a freshwater landing on the way home that I completely submerge the trailer in before it gets washed, those steel springs just can’t handle salt for long.