You took time to try helping them, and they told you to go away!

Next time I’m in Myrtle, I’ll pay you good drinkin money to hang out and be safety officer

Construction crane falls over, crashes into side of hotel on N. Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach


The maintenance man has a side job.

I just watched this one yesterday…

The accident only appears to have hit the other building to be demolished…

Another Resort Demolished. The Boardwalk Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC! On Ocean Boulevard - YouTube

The breakers has a seven story building part of their complex they’re tearing down end of this season. Going back bigger.

Anybody recognize this??

10 crap…

Whoaa! Careful. Back away slowly. Dangerous at any …even parked. Call Ralph Nader.

Nice looking.

On the way back to the hill I noticed on of my trim tabs wasnt working… I really hope its only the button.

Within minutes of putting this bike up for sale two scammers jumped on it quick.

And the scumbag started her Facebook page like 30 minutes prior. Bombing her today asking her if she’d like to have a pork chop sandwich. And maybe some chitlins to go with it.

I had that exact experience, when I posted my boat for sale. They even ended up calling me, somehow?
I never accepted the offer on the six digit number, as I knew something was up.
What happens if you do accept to receive the number?

Use that code they can hack your phone. Had two of them trying to use that scam. Another one wanted to cash app or Zilla give you the money. And they said they had somebody local that would pick up the bike. Another scam.
What got me a gremlin Bell.


Went went through the scammers. Made some very colorful replies to them.Sold the bike. Made the guy real good deal and still did pretty good on the bike.
The guy showed up just as it started raining. He took it for a ride was happy with the bike. Now he’s got an hour ride in the rain.

I tried to sell my truck on Autotrader and the only calls I received were from people wanting me to buy their version of a carfax. A total of 10 in all. Such a waste of money listing on Autotrader, sold it from a parking lot to a really cool Vet and ended up with a good deal for both of us.

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See how bad this pisses off my police officer friend.
The camera don’t pick up the flashing real good in the red lights for some reason

So I got the trim tab actuators swapped out for working ones, of course my knucklehead thought I could get away woth replacing the one that didnt work…yep, you guessed it. Soon as I tried to run the old one up and dpwn with the newly installed one… it crapped out on me too. So, got both of those new now haha
Uploading: 20230413_165709.jpg…

Have also been in the process of installing a new HVAC system that will tie into the existing supply ducts but adding/moving the return from one huge one in the hall to two small better located ones in the ceiling. Put a 14x24 over by the pool room and a 20x30 in the hall.

Also, while doing all this… I got to add 2 more can lights in the hall along with a 3way switch down by our room to control them… oh and added a recept in the hall as well.

Scraped the popcorn ceiling in the hall too… got it good enough for now, got the wife and the mom happy for their holiday by putting all 4 wheel brakes on the wifes honda and adding some freon and tightening the shrader valve leak on my moms car to keep her ac going. Ill be back home Sunday with more work to do, but until then, its chill time!

You do the Rock yourself ???

Getting a custom seat for my street bike. Formed to fit my bony butt.
I’m going to have a red diamond stitch.

The before

Nosir, I have literally done everything else but finishing the mud myself though. Well, with help from the betterhalf at times too!

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