I’ve only had to patch and finish sheet rock a few times, but if I ever have to it again I’ll just hang a picture over it.

I can hang sheetrock but mudding/sanding it, so it looks good is an art I have never mastered. Had a couple of areas upstairs that needed some repairs. I actually paid a guy. It killed me, I am a DIY guy and rarely pay someone to do something, but I know my limitations and know I can’t finish off sheetrock as good as a pro,

By the way, that’s nice work.

Had to pour the water out of my boots when I got home.

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Race the rain
Ride the wind

Looks great! Feel better??


50 foot retaining wall

Four 25’ guardrails
Nine 6’ 6x6 pressure treated posts
Eighteen 7’’ lag bolts and washers
Nine 4’ holes
Eighteen 50lb sacks of quikcret
One worn out old man

Posts set yestersay, rails attached today

Fingers crossed

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Looking good Captain!!

Here’s some inspiration for y’all

Sore backs, stiff knees, skint knuckles, dirty fingernails, greasy pants, stuck on paint, hay dust, pulling weeds, shard in the eye, cutting wood, long days, short nights, got you where you is!

I can’t say I grew up poor, but you would sure think so with my Dad. I remember him giving me so many chores like pulling nails from old boards and straightening them, Piecing together fence and barb wire, “riding lawn mower is broke, either fix it or us the push mower”, No I’m not buying a hose, I don’t want you to get water from the house, use the pitcher pump, No you can’t use the chain saw, use and axe, There’s a grub axe, shovel, and an axe, I want that stump dug up when I get back next week. Of course there were always fishing trips! and… Everything came back to the house to be eaten. Life is Good!

I missed this post somehow.
We will not poor. Closer to poor than rich though. But I was always made to work and buy my own stuff. And learn how to repair it.
Perfect example right here. Had one just like this.

I worked as a painter at15. The guy I worked for bought a house . There was a little hydroplane and a 50 horse Mercury in the barn. He gave it to me to get it out of there. I repaired the hydroplane and got the motor running. Motor was kind of heavy for the boat. Had to lay up on the front of it to get it up on plane. And had to be real careful slowing down.
That thing would run every bit of 70.
The skag broke on it and I run it up into the Marsh Grass about 75 yards.
Took me a couple days to get it back out. Ended up taking the motor off and putting a piece of plywood on an inner tube and dragging it out. Got an anchor and come along to get the boat back out. Repaired the Scag that got ripped off and was back at it again. Blowed the motor up. Traded it for a canoe and a Seine net.

Put air horns on the bike. Should be about 145 DB. The only problem I keep tripping the breaker. So I had to put a relay in. Got it wired up and everything works. Now I just got to solder get the wires routed. And put back.

Wiring sucks…

where did you find room for the air tank? that should be a pretty cool add on! Safety first!

Need an update :point_up:

Been having trouble with my 95 sierra 1500 and spent about 2k with unknown mechanics nearby and it’s still running like crap. An acquaintance told me to go to Advance Auto and get it scanned so I called to make sure they had a obd1 scanner. Got there guessing it was the manager or owner told me the kids working there don’t even know what an obd1 was and told me to google the paper clip hack.

The codes are on google too, you’d think at least 1 of the 6 dudes that have worked on it might have known this. :rage:

I got air ride fast up . Air tank mounts on the other side behind the bag on the swing arm

Cool, just googled it. Cool. Never knew they had an air ride system for bikes. The horn won’t drop the air pressure too low and drop your suspension? I’ve put a couple of aftermarket/extra air horn’s on some big trucks and those rascals really us a large quantity of air. Best sets are the true Train Horns that are very hard to come by. They will take up to 200PSI. Most trucks are set to 120psi, but you can tinker with the governor and get them to 150psi. To work good they need a 3/4" line and a dedicated extra air tank. The driver was happy, but it got obnoxious.

The tank is just a reservoir. Even if the tanks were drained it wouldn’t drop the shocks. Looking for another system disappointed in this one.

When we took the kids to touch a truck. My 4-year-old was in a rig and the driver let him pull the rope for the air horn. Before getting out of the truck he found a switch he decided to flip. There was a cluster of 4 or 5 trumpets that sounded on the back of the rig. Oh my God I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so loud in my life.

I have a Sportster listed for sale.
I have written in the ad if it’s posted it’s available. I have had several people message me and ask. Is it available??
I have responded to most of them telling them yes it is. Then hear nothing else from them. It also states in the ad it has a clear title in my name.
Several people ask if it’s got a title.
There’s a video of the bike running. Does the bike run??. These people are aggravating the hell out of me. I tell them to go back and look at the ad.
Then we have the scammers.
Look at their profile most of them are from India. Or some ■■■■ place like
So I send them these pictures. And tell them to go f off.

Well crap.

Getting slack in my old age. Got stopped on 31. I was rolling and couldn’t get slowed down before I went by him.
He was pretty pissed when he got out of the car. He said he could take me to jail. He asked what the hell is the excuse. Told him I was on the way to help put up the Vietnam Wall. He stood there and gave me the evil eye seemed like forever. Handing me my stuff back told me it was my lucky day.

They were Conway police. They were sitting under the bridge at the boat landing. Right there at the boat landing there’s s-curves. I tend to go through them pretty hard. Kicked me a break. Wrote me for 9 over.
Told them I had a weapon inside my waistband 3aclock. He unclipped my holster and took my weapon. Had me open up my saddlebag and he put the weapon back in to saddle bag. Handed me the round from the chamber and the magazine. Then he scolded me cuz my weapon is dirty. Hahaha