Looks great Ricky! I should have hired you.

Got mine rocked in this week. Guess I’ll have to do the little bit of mudding/taping since I can’t find my guy now. Man I hate mudding/taping.

I can hire/fire contractors with the best of them!

Took me a while to find a really decent contractor that’ll stand behind his work. Lots of hacks out there. They all want to be paid 100k a year but only a handful of them actually deserve it.

This one I went with a little bit nicer materials since it was a higher end place. Carrara marble tile in the bathrooms and backsplash. Ill post some pictures when it’s all done.

What tile are you going with?

That is definitely high end!

We considered tile and it would have been much cheaper as I do all my own tile work but, not going with tile this time. At our age, we’re looking for low/no maintenance. We are doing the same thing in this bathroom that we did upstairs last year. We went with a cultured marble called Micalline. The guy that actually invented/created it has is business just down the road from us. The floor pan is a one-piece custom-made pan, and each wall is one slab custom cut. It looks/feels like marble but is made of crushed marble and some epoxies/resins, etc. I have neighbors that have had it in their bathrooms for 20 years and it still looks new. The only lines are where panels meet so almost no maintenance.

This is the upstairs shower.

I hear ya on the maintenance. I’m no tile scrubber! If i had my way Id put black grout everywhere! It just doesn’t look as fancy as the lighter colored grout.

These bathrooms are nicer than what we have in the house. We’ll probably redo ours here in the next few years. It’s just such a time commitment. Nothing ever follows a schedule.

For what it’s worth, I bought all my materials from Floor and Decor North Charleston. Their costumer service is lacking, but they have far better material choices than Lowes or Home Depot.

I probably spent an extra 1500 on materials to upgrade from regular tile to marble. Well worth the investment for this one property I think. That’s for all three bathrooms.

What used to take us 2 or 3 hours now takes most of a day

It’s gonna be a hip roofed swing shed with a wisteria enclosure. Hopefully, lol

Lookin’ Good!!

I’m sure someone is worn out, after totin’ that worm drive saw, all day!

When the Wisteria fills in, be sure to keep an eye out for Mr. No Shoulders. They love to hide in it, and catch the birds that visit.

Dang, I feel good when I paint a room and then y’all start showing off.

This one’s gonna be a doozy, lol

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I’ll have a large meat lovers


Fixed the rotting gable at Moms over the last few afternoons. This Hardi stuff is a PIA but it doesnt rot so it’s worth it. Of course this one had all the utility penetrations, the other 2 larger ones shouldnt be as bad… Time to caulk and paint to make it what it ain’t haha

Great job!!!



Now to replace the switches and plate to black ones as they look way out of place now

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