Time To Bring Back The Shun

Its the only way.

Please stand with me by trying to ignore RBF.

In hopes that a zero response strategy might finally impress upon him that his douchbaggery will not be tolerated here any longer
I ask you to shun him until he apologizes and turns his asinine ways around 180 degrees.

If you are with me please put him on ignore then kindly give a like or a heart or a thumbs up below this post to show your support.

Begin The Shun Now

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I’m with your EF but we should not stop our efforts to get rid of him

Perhaps he will see the error of his ways and do like gotcha covered did.

Now before you get your panties in a knot that isnt a slight on gotcha, its just that he decided this place wasnt right for him any longer and maybe RBF will do likewise when he can no longer feed here

Bob might read the writting on the wall too, with any luck

just my 2 cents

Your two main instigators of trouble on CF. Harassment day after day I brought this to your attention multiple times.

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Hey does anyone know a Lowretta Finklestien?

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Sep 14

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Sep 14

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Just wondering for a fellow member. Maybe like a Mike Hunt or something? Let’s see this one flagged. Amanda Mount, Anita Hanjaab, [Annie Position] , Ben Dover, Ben Overbich, Betty Phuckzer, Buster Cherry, C. Mike Rack, Dick Ramdass, Dixon Kuntz, E. Normus Peter, Eric Shun, Harry P. Ness, Harry Sach, Helda Dick, Hugh Jass, Ima Homeau, Jack Mehoff, Jenny Talya, Liz Bien, Madame Dick Burns, Mike Hunt, Mike Rotch, Moe Lester, Pat Myaz, Phil Accio, Phil Mehard, Ruben clitz, Shara Dick, Tara Dikoff ), Wayne Kerr, Wilma Dickfit




You might as well give them the keys they’re wanting if you’re going to let the run wild here.

Can’t put it any more eloquent than that EF. I like it.

I think Fred left out Buster Puddin’, and Phil Muckrakin?

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Im on it.

How’s about those keys?


I have had he that shall not be named as well as a couple of others on ignore for some time now. It makes the site SO much better not reading their malicious crap. I’m telling you, do it and they go away. Without fuel, they burn out and go infest some place else.

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That shun didn’t last but 2 minutes.:joy::joy::joy::joy:

We could all be like the leftists and go protest in front of homes carrying signs🪧 that say

Remove Beavis Finklestien

Or if you had a small sign just abbreviate R B F

They do it and there side cheers

Tell me when cuz I have a pen and a phone :phone:

Mixed needs to bust out a rhyme we could chant while we’re protesting