Vote to remove Politics from the site

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Seems like every flagged post is in the Politics forum. Lets take a quick vote from the community, just reply and post with a YES (remove the politics), or a NO (leave the politics).


Can’t just say yes

There is a difference between getting rid of the politics forum, and getting rid of politics… Meaning, all posts political no matter where will need to be flagged, removed, and violators dealt with…

I have stated before that if I were the site owner, I would eliminate all politics as it’s inherently bad for business…

In the end, it is up to you folks as owners to decide whether you want a fishing site, or a political one… I will say it would be a lot less confusing and simpler for you folks to manage the site if politics were banned all together and took a zero-tolerance approach to the topic…

Why is there no fact checking?

The conspiracy theories run rampant in that politics forum, misinformation out the wazoo from mainly one member.

The flavors vary from covid vaccine, to election results to laptops and diaries. The misinformation comes from extreme far right websites.Most sites do not allow misinformation to continue to spread, and the content is removed, and user removed or banned if continued.

Very easy to compare information from differing sources.

Going to cut hay now, finally got some dry air. Y’all boi have a good day.

This you?

Are you using an electric tractor to cut that hay?haha I reckon you think the CPI report is misinformation and rampant inflation and the stock market tanking?Everything you see is a conspiracy theory,right?

He said Covid vaccines, election results, laptops, and diaries.

Yes remove the politics

I vote NO

@flowerbits please take 2 minutes and read this before making your decision and being added to the list

Your 20% leftists problems will not cease by caving into them by eliminating your political posting section

It’s just not possible to please a leftist

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There are a couple here that act like scorned ex wives in that there will be no pleasing them or getting along with them ever, mostly because they now feel wounded and scorned due largly on part to their past and continuing actioms.

They are so caught up in the self image of themselves that they simply won’t or can’t realize how their actions make them look. I mean really, RBF constantly speaks of himself in third person. And Lowretta with the porch-dick ignorance has resorted to a crybaby tattletale,“mama, make them stop calling me by my name”

Its why the few people that check back in occasionally don’t keep coming back.

Its the same song, just a different tune with them every day. It makes me (like most everyone else) want to change the channel and move along too anymore.

If I had a full set of keys to this place there would be a lot of stuff changed, starting with the removal of the trash on the porch and the accompanied dog dikk gnats swarming around it.

Just some random thoughts from

Your pal

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personally, i enjoy reading a little and posting even less on the politics forum. it’s kinda interesting between report reads.


Just a refresher and accurate account of events…

My guess is EF will have to have the last word…

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See, lies made up and presented as facts once again.

Anything to have the last word and feed his ego and self image.

Its obvious for anyone but him to see, because he is so self aggrandized.

Like a scorned wounded bitter woman after her third divorce, “It’s everyone elses fault for my miserable existence but mine”

Jesus admin, cut your losses and kick this coprophagic troublemaker to the curb.

Hes bad for business

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You sure have thrown out lots of vile insults!

10-character requirement…

Kinda like you calling someone “alterboy” and accusing them of being raped by priests because they don’t align with your political views…

Please show the vile personal insults I have made to any member that wasn’t a “counter measure” for being insulted first…

See what I mean?

He simply cant stfu, he thinks he is always right and cant see it any other way.

self aggrandized i say.

sickening really

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I don’t have the time to do your research for you You know that you are rude and irritating

As usual when you make a claim, you aren’t able to substantiate it…

I present evidence and facts, not conjecture…