Well, just hope this is a worthy Mushroom post

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I just ordered some organic mushroom coffee with a little less caffeine for my “morning cup of coffee” to work. I’ve read the health benefits and have tried some from a guy at work and thought it was pretty tasty. Anybody else do this or heard of this? Mushroom coffee is definitely new to my vocabulary. didn’t know if it was a fad or a snake oil kind of thing.

Hmmmm, mushroom coffee. Never heard of such.


Plus, one of my favorite live oaks in SC,shes a beauty


Still kicking and last day of work today. Vacation till end of March…then retired!!!

Anyway, had cut some Oak and Maple, as well as inoculated them with Shiitake and Lions Mane. About to do a couple straw bales with a couple types of Oyster Mushroom.

Did the plugs for both. Did a wedge cut in the maple and wrapped with clear tape. Can already see the mycelium spreading.

Pics to come and did let logs dry about 3 weeks and soaked. Went bigger than the 4 to 6" diameter…ugh!

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Good for you Glenn! I’m trying to decide when I am going to “pull the plug” and then I’ll do the same. Burn 30 days of leave and then Adios. I think I need to find something part-time. Not sure if I am really ready to be completely retired. I know my wife isn’t.

AS for all the shrooms. I love them but not sure I’d trust myself picking them in the woods and eating them. Some of them are crazy looking.

Is this the same? They are growing around my fire pit. Are they ok to eat?


Shitakes only grow out of wood

Don’t eat those ones

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As EF stated, don’t eat those, unless you wanna get Hammered, lol. I purchased what I am growing from North Spore.

A lot of work/fun, but if it turns out, well worth it like any project.

Find suitable tree, cut down, trim then cut in 3 to 4’ lengths. Let dry for 2 or 3 weeks to kill off trees natural defense of Fungi.

Dang, lighter now, lol, till you put them in big tub to soak a day or so.

Once that is done, moved on to the inoculation process. Drilled the holes, and drove them in, as I used plug spawn and sealed with wax.

We just inoculated two wheat straw bales this weekend with Golden and Blue Oysters.

Let me tell ya, soaking a couple bales all the way through takes a minute.

I’ll get a couple pics up this week.