What I Just Ate

Yes, there is a steak house up here that cuts aged prime rib at your table. The owner is a friend and he saves the beef fat trimmings for me. I eyeball measure to about 80% bambi and 20% bessie.

Back in the day used to use pork suet but any helps IMO

Seed war…

Dang this is popped up on my phone already cut the watermelon too late.

From the new Publix in Beaufort…

Stop that I hop on the way home from GA this afternoon.
Did the flea market in Surfside.

I could make a smart azz caption to go with this but I won’t…

And just in case you need some appetite enhancement.

I pity the poor poor tiny rest area toilet. Thats gonna make a beaut

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I couldn’t stand it.

Fresh zucchini/yellow squash from a local farm.

Tequila lime chicken

And to drink.

MIght be coming down next weekend, that taco place looks good Ricky…I checked out the menu.

Modelo’s is my beer of choice.
I’ve never tried the dark.

Now we got a thread!!! Those grills look awesome.

The Modelo Negra is my favorite. I like it with or without a slice of lime. Dos Equis and Tecate are also good.