What I Just Ate

KFC’s Chicken Pot Pies are pretty good. KFC Chicken Livers are delectable!

Oh yes on the pot pie.
Oh no on the livers.
I like the bowl.
I don’t know if they still got $5 fill up deal. I know about a year or so ago they quit making their own chocolate chip cookies which were good. Now they got some old dried up pre-packaged chocolate chip cookie.
Subway’s got the best cookies though…

Bite your tongue!

Kudzu Bakery’s are what St Peter serves when you go through the gates

Pulled yard bird sammich

It’s the bread that makes it great!

@Bayrider You been jump shootin’ marsh hens again? I’m gonna tell!!!


I’m a big wimp when it comes to hot stuff. I stuck my finger in the sauce. It didn’t seem very hot. Poured some sauce on my taco different story.
Oh Lord :fire:

My guys had a little cookout yesterday.

Granddaughter trying to give one of the guys football lessons.


Check this out

Capable right there

Nopalitos y una parilla mixta, me encanta!

That’s a full grill!

Trader Joe’s in Greenville. Closest grocery store. First time in 1. Stopped in to get some munchies. Kind of weird atmosphere.
23 used the term hipster in an earlier post. I guess most everyone in that store I would fall into that category. The modern version of beatniks???
Heard a bell ring a couple times in there.
Going out the door and heard a bell ring. Turn around and look & hanging on a post in front of the register. :bell: Should have went back in and asked. What’s with the Bell.
People working register super nice. People in the store not so much.

What kind of soup is that??
Oh yeah but forgot. Got a Southwest salad from trader Joe’s. Man that thing was gooooood ! Can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of it.

Chicken gnocchi

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That soup looked really good to me.

For supper tonight the wife is making white beans with kale and some type of sausage. Maybe kielbasa.

Take your bride to Olive Garden and gets you some, we had gift card

Now I need gift cards for eggs!

Stopped yesterday for the wife to pee at circle k. They had eggs I believe she said $3.69 a dozen.

I thought she took a picture.

That soup looks just like one my wife made and we all liked it. Got 2 holdover kale plants that need to go, now I know what to do

Stand by, I got some plans tomorrow