What I Just Ate

Y’all see what DoubleN posted in off topic on what he just ate? mmmmmm.

Sorry, been busy planting turnips

That was a travel trailer thing, mostly leftover stuff

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My gremlins had eyes on you #Watcher

Haven’t planted any this year… Looking to hand toss a few pounds this fall in a special spot and put the rest in the grain drill. If yours don’t make it maybe I can give you a few of the smaller ones.

Oh man that’d be all over that

Figured you would appreciate it. Ole navy fella whipped it up for lunch today. :+1:

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I’m guessing that’s some venison back straps? Looks good!

It was store bought Cow, sirlon

Bob Evans grub

Welp, I did the hard work, so let the son do the other part. Cooking one of the snapping turtles.
He did a Sauce Piquant with it and man was is good.

He text me yesterday morning, hey dad, let’s cook one of them turtles. Heck yeah, so I decided to go get an instant pot. Put the pressure on for 30 minutes and great results. Could have went with 20 I think. Anyway, he was chopping and I deboned.

Couple pics, but this stuff was, and will be for couple more days Awesome on top of some rice!

dang it DoubleN, you are living the life!! Gourmet turtle!!

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Where’s the rest of your bacon? :smile:

Wife only Cooks 7–8 pieces of bacon at a time. I will eat a whole package and one sitting. Now we’ve discovered Conway meat locker
30 lb of bacon $15.

Bacon for 50 cents a pound?

Gotta love that!

Oops 15 lb for $30…

You need to squeeze them tails like you’re trying to get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube it’ll pop out for you

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