What I Just Ate

EFer prolly got his wife from over there… :rofl:

Old Bay lemon pepper and jerk and coconut rum.

Been a little bit of leftover steak from the night before


Id eat that like it was my sworn duty.

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I see no fish on this plate… It just looks like fruits, nuts, and cheese :confused:

No shortage of nuts around this place…

Or cheesy comments…

I second that!!!

Jeezzzeee @snickers

Now i gotta go kill a fish.

Im on it…

EF sends me more pictures of dead animals and fish in a week than I ever see on this website. Truth.

Ok, im a little far from a flounder, channel bass, or a tripletail, but somebody name a fish they want to see for supper.

Trout is too easy, you’ve seen that.

Somebody call out a fish. Hurry, its getting late

6 - 13” white perch

I wanna see some Catfish!!!

OK, Im on it…

I just told ms fisher we were having salt n pepper catfish tonight,she said no fish cooking inside in this heat. Last time the house smelt like “crispy bits” for a week and the old lady at church two days later said she thought Long John Silvers had gone out of business.

Im off,fingers crossed

My guess is this is an old picture, and the filets are thawing out to be presented later… Let’s see EFs photoshop skills…

He said channel bass

Is that a bamboo rod or glass?

I love my porch-mounted deep fryer, neighbors drool when I cook

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Old glass


I win!

Saved the nicest 3 filets for “future reference”

Waiting on the spuds