Depth Finder Settings for shrimp

There was some discussion on this site either last year or the year before about settings on the depth finder that made shrimp show up as “candles” coming up from the bottom. I have looked and can’t find that thread. Does anyone have any helpful information on settings that may make this possible. Garmin Echomap or similar? Thanks

I remember that too. I dont remember seeing one last year but I have in the previous years.

Sorry i dont have the info on that setting. Im sure some of these other geniuses here know how.

I remember that as well and had no luck quickly searching for it either.

Maybe you could try this, next time you’re in the shrimp catching them and you know they are there, tinker with your sensitivity and color contrast until you feel like you are seeing the ‘candles’ you’re looking for.

You can compare and tell if the bottom is soft mud or hard sand by using your poles to stab and feel around and know how that looks on the sounder too. That way you have a base line to go off of too. Hope that helps

that was me, but i can’t find it. was probably 3 years ago or 4 when i had my other boat.

here is the link to the link where i ask about my pics. problem is, you can’t see the pics

I don’t have settings but I have a photo of my sonar. Shrimp show up as candles on my screen.

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I’ll try this. Thanks.