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Trump has repeatedly expressed his love for the Jewish people and has Jewish family. He made many Jewish friends when he moved our embassy to Jerusalem Your post is ridiculous. Robert. Your hero HRC hated Jews and used rather colorful language to insult them

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The Jewish Democratic Council of America described his comments in a tweet as “more unabashed antisemitism from GOP leader Donald Trump.”

“His threat to Jewish Americans and his continued use of the antisemitic dual loyalty trope fuels hatred against Jews,” they continued.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, responded to Trump’s comments on Twitter, stating, “We don’t need the former president, who curries favor with extremists and antisemites, to lecture us about the US-Israel relationship.”

“This ‘Jewsplaining’ is insulting and disgusting,” he added.

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Once again you have posted an opinion favorable to your hatred of Trump. But it is an opinion piece

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